Exotic Show Quality Bulldogs

Pricing Info

Puppy prices vary depending on quality, type, structure, color, and bloodlines.
Most pups are sold to pet homes with a spay/neuter contract. Full AKC papers, breeding and show rights may be available. Please inquire for further information.

Standard Colors | Show Dogs | Champion Lines

Most of our standard colored bulldogs are in the price range of $3000-$6000. Over the past 8 years we have added some of the best show and champion bloodlines into our breeding program. We have some very nice standard colored litters planned for the near future, strictly breeding for type, temperament, health and structure.

Exotic/Nonstandard Colored French and English Bulldogs

Blue, Chocolate, Black and Lilac colored bulldogs are becoming more and more popular these days. Its very rare to find these exotic colors on show quality bulldogs. We proudly specialize in show quality French and English bulldogs with exotic coat colors. We are deeply invested financially into these beautiful, one of kind dogs. Blue, chocolate and lilac bulldogs are in very high demand. We love them greatly and think these unusual and exotic colors are breathtaking. These dogs are not for everyone and the financial investment can scare the casual pet buyer away. That being said, its fairly obvious that these exotic colors are strictly for bulldog enthusiasts.

Exotic/Nonstandard Color Bulldog Puppy Price Ranges

Note: These are ballpark figures. Each puppy is priced individually based on quality, conformation, bloodline and color.

Blue / Blue Tri Bulldog Puppies $4,500-$10,000
Chocolate / Chocolate Tri Bulldog Puppies $4,500-$10,000
Lilac / Lilac Tri Bulldog Puppies $8,000-$25,000